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Editor’s introduction

It will probably come as no surprise to learn that the United States is the world’s most popular immigration destination.

Every year, around one million people from all four corners of the globe arrive to live in the United States, making the US one of, if not the, world’s most multicultural nation.

Yet in spite of the country’s popularity among immigrants worldwide, the country’s immigration system has for many years been beset by problems, with complex, convoluted – some would say outdated – rules, long criticised for not netting the US the high skilled immigrants the country’s economy so desperately needs.

It’s a problem that politicians in the country are well aware of. Ever since President Barack Obama won his Second Term in Office back in 2012 the topic of immigration reform has rarely been off the table. However, while both Republicans and Democrats note the need for reform, especially with regards to skilled immigration, party differences seemingly make it impossible for much needed progress to be made.

Yet, time consuming though it may be, for those who are prepared to bide their time and potentially work in the US as a non-resident before achieving a much coveted Green Card, the American Dream is still much sought after.

Hopefully one day, it’s something you’ll be experiencing first hand.

David Fuller

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