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South Africa offers a warm welcome to migrants and an enviable lifestyle too. Here we present some articles to enable you to ge better acquainted with how to make the move.


Relatives Permit

If you are related by blood or marriage to a South African national, this is your route to SA

Your quick guide to South Africa

South Africa•s multicultural charm and amazing landscape have made it an increasingly popular destination for migrants, tourists and backpackers

Retired Persons Permit

Spending your retirement in the South African sunshine might seem like your idea of heaven, but do you qualify under this category

Business Permit

If you have money to invest in your own South African enterprise and can show evidence that you will employ local labour, this visa category is worth a second look

Work Permit

If you have the option of temporary or permanent work in South Africa, this visa could cover you for up to three years

Emigrating to South Africa

With jaw-droppingly beautiful landscapes at every turn, South Africa has more than enough natural wonders to wow you on a daily basis