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Here you will find visa information, advice and tips for New Zealand.

Young Silver Ferns win new visas

New Zealand Immigration recently introduced two New Zealand visas that are set to benefit would-be young migrants.

New retirement visas for New Zealand

As of 29 March two new retirement policies have given more people the opportunity to fulfil their dream of emigrating to the land of the long white cloud.

Kiwi visa fees overhauled

The fees for NZ visa applications have recentlychanged, so make sure you check before submitting an application or it fail!

NZ immigration advisors to be registered

As of the beginning of May, mandatory offshore licensing of NZ immigration advisors came into effect.

Spotlight on temporary visas

With INZ announcing cuts to the ISSL, many prospective migrants may find it harder to secure a permanent residence visa for New Zealand.

Working visa holders fear job cuts

Following the Australian government•s announcement of plans to reduce the country•s foreign worker intake by 14 per cent, British working visa holders in New Zealand have begun to express concerns over the safety of their jobs.

NZ temporary visa options

Hanna Lindon provides a brief overview of New Zealand's temporary visa options.

NZ application procedures

Identifying the ideal visa for you is just the beginning • would-be migrants must then negotiate the ups and downs of the application process.