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Here you can find visa information, tips and advicefor those thinking about emigration to Canada.

New resource to encourage citizenship

Canada's immigration minister recently launched a new online service to help the study of Canadian civics, history and citizenship.

Canadian government shows commitment

Recently, Jason Kenney, the Canadian Immigration Minister, announced a programme designed to help new migrants settle was to continue to be backed with a multi-million dollar funding package.

Canadian economic recovery

Last month Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced a consultation to highlight the country's likely skills shortages for the future.

Canada cracks down on bogus advisors

There was good news for all those dreaming of emigrating to the land of the Maple Leaf on June 8 as the Canadian government announced a new law to help protect people along their immigration journey.

Get with the programme

Besides the federal immigration system, all bar one of the Canadian provinces and territories offer a plethora of specific visa pathways. Here, Hanna Lindon provides a potted introduction to Canada's nominee programmes

Watch Your Step

We all make mistakes from time to time, it•s just human nature. But making a mistake when it comes to emigrating could cost you the entire process and put a swift halt to the dream of relocating abroad.

Sowing visa seeds

Canadian immigration consultant Sara Green overviews the visa options for those wishing to own a farm in Canada

Canadian Provincial Nominee Programme

The PNP may be the perfect visa option to choose for those struggling to qualify for a Skilled Worker visa