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If you get to South Africa, where will you work Ben Lewis takes a look at some of the Rainbow Nation•s top employers

Although we all fantasise about giving up work and moving to a country where they will appreciate us simply for our smile and sense of humour alone, the fact is that a massive part of most emigrant's plans will revolve around finding a job once they reach their promised land. So, by way of a helping hand, we have taken a look at some of South Africa's top employers in different sectors so you will know what to expect when the time comes to jump back into the world's inescapable rat-race.
Mining and extraction

As a country that is rich in natural resources, the stability of the South African economy relies heavily on the exportation of everything from diamonds to petroleum. BHP Billiton is a major player in the mining and extraction game and tops the list of the Rainbow Nation's largest companies. It is a multi-national company which employs 37,000 people worldwide and had a turnover of US$31.8 billion in 2005. In South Africa it focuses on aluminium extraction in Richards Bay, coal mining in Mpumalanga and has other interests in certain heavy metals. As BHP Billiton is the world's largest mining company, opportunities are almost endless and as such it offers a wide variety of training and award schemes to its employees. Go to
BHP Billiton
for information on possible careers.
Consumer and manufacturing

SAB Miller is the second largest brewery company in the world. It was formed in 2002 by the merger of South African Breweries and Miller Brewing. Despite having its headquarters in London, the company has a major presence in South Africa where it has seven breweries including two in Johannesburg and others in Cape Town, Durban, Pietersburg, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria. It has a turnover of US$2,522 million and produces a large number of well-known lager brands as well as a number of soft drinks. When it comes to benefits they claim to offer a comprehensive package with a commitment to flexible working hours and a healthy work/life balance. In addition to this they have a large number of employee training schemes designed to maximise employee potential. Go to
for further information and career opportunities.
Financial Sector

Old Mutual plc is an international insurance company. It was originally based in South Africa and focused on the South African market but now has London-based headquarters. However, it is still a major operator in South Africa. The company specialises in banking, stock market speculation, healthcare, investments, asset management and employee benefit packages to companies. As such there is a wide range of job opportunities because the company regularly recruits for staff to work in all these areas. As well as a full range of benefits the company provides access to confidential professional support on issues such as marital or family distress, emotional difficulties, alcohol and drug abuse, difficulties with a child, stress overload, HIV positive diagnosis and many others.
Retail sector

The Pick 'n Pay Group is one of Africa's largest and most successful food, clothing and general merchandise retailers. The company started out as a family-owned business when four stores were purchased in 1967 and has grown into a large supermarket chain that operates throughout South Africa. It operates 14 hypermarkets, 106 supermarkets, and 74 smaller 'family' stores as well as having the majority interest in a group of stores known as Score. As such the company has a large number of staffing opportunities at every level from the shop floor to upper management. Go to
Pick n Pay
for further information.

Telkom SA is a wireline communication company that is majority privatised and 39 per cent state-owned. The company has a monopoly on handling international connections to and from South Africa and fixed-line communications within the country. Jobs on offer range from management and administration positions to engineers and IT experts. The company offers a wide range of benefits to its employees including medical care subsidisation, retirement plans, telephone rebates, long service recognition, financial assistance for study schemes, in house training and study leave. Go to
for information on possible careers.
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18 December 2006

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