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Australian critical skills list
David Fuller explains the thinking behind Australia's Critical Skills List

The Critical Skills List (CSL) was introduced at the start of 2009 to offer expedited processing to applicants with experience in occupations included on the list.

The list was introduced as part of a government shake up to the immigration system, designed to better target the immigrants Australia is most in need of. Currently, applicants who obtain sponsorship by an Australian employer will have their applications processed fastest, followed by those with state/territory nomination and then those with an occupation included on the CSL.

The CSL is set to be a responsive list, and can be changed at any time depending on the economic situation and demand for particular skills.

Already the list's flexible nature has been displayed, after a decision was taken in mid-March to remove most of the trades-based occupations from the list. This means that plumbers, bricklayers, carpenters, welders and metal-fitters will no longer have their visa appplication fast-tracked, and may now face a lengthy wait before they can emigrate (although they do still qualify for a visa, contrary to some reports).
ASCO Number

4114-15 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Avionics
4114-11 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Mechanical
2312-11 Anaesthetist
2381-11 Dentist
4315-11 Electronic Equipment Trades
2312-15 Emergency Medicine Specialist
2129-17 Engineer - Chemical
2124-11 Engineer - Civil
2125-11 Engineer - Electrical
2125-13 Engineer - Electronics
2126-11 Engineer - Mechanical
2127-11 Engineer - Mining
2126-13 Engineer - Production or Plant Engineer
4431-13 Gasfitter
2311-11 General Medical Practitioner
2391-11 Medical Diagnostic Radiographer
2312-17 Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
2383-11 Occupational Therapist
2382-11 Pharmacist (Hospital)
2382-15 Pharmacist (Retail)
2385-11 Physiotherapist
2388-11 Podiatrist
2312-27 Psychiatrist
2122-11 Quantity Surveyor
2325-11 Registered Mental Health Nurse
2324-11 Registered Midwife
2323-11 Registered Nurse
2413-11 Secondary School Teacher
2312-79 Specialist Medical Practitioners NEC
2312-25 Specialist Physician
2312-31 Surgeon
2123-13 Surveyor
2523-11 Urban & Regional Planner
4416-11 Wall and Floor Tiler
4122-15 Welder
2386-11 Speech Pathologist
2391-17 Sonographer
2312-19 Ophthalmologist
2312-21 Paediatrician
2312-23 Pathologist
2312-29 Radiologist
2211-11 Accountant - where the applicant has achieved a score of at least IELTS 7 in each of the four competencies, and/or has completed The Professional Year
Computing Professionals - where the applicant's specialisation is listed on the Migration on Demand List (MODL).
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25 February 2009

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